Work Order E-mail received by the Technician

a. Find for id=”wopms_byloc” 
b. Modify the below xml
<tablecol dataattribute="description" id="viewWOandPMs_viewWOandPMsLoc_ViewWO_tablebody_5" inputmode="readonly"/>
<tablecol dataattribute="description"
d="viewWOandPMs_viewWOandPMsLoc_ViewWO_tablebody_5" inputmode="readonly">
<textbox id="viewWOandPMs_viewWOandPMsAsset_ViewWO_tablebody_5_textbox_1" menutype="CX_WORKATTACHMENTS" />
In step 1), we have mentioned a custom menutype called…


— Maximo Technical Consultant at EAM360

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